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About Safelink

Safelink is one of the commonly used tools to shorten and secure links. The existence of these tools can certainly make your links more secure and easy to remember.

Especially in the digital era like now, these tools can easily secure various links from mp3, mp4 files, images, or videos.

This term refers to certain web pages or blogs that are used to detect destination link URLs. Is the URL link still safe or not from various kinds of certain malware threats.

By using this tool, users of the download URL can avoid a number of detected virus threats. If later in one of the files there is a type of data that is suspected of being dangerous, the user will immediately get a warning.

The antivirus that is used is certainly effective in preventing users from various kinds of virus threats. How detect this virus is also fairly easy and fast.

In general, these transit tools can be categorized into two systems, namely the main blog and the transition blog tools themselves.

In short, this system works by manipulating the URL of the destination link on the main blog to the transit tools blog. Then, on the transit tools blog, you will find a link to redirect to the original destination URL according to the URL listed on the main blog.

Safelink: How to Use It

  1. Copy the URL that you want to Secure.
  2. Go to the site
  3. Paste the URL you want to encrypt.
  4. Click the Safe Links button.
  5. Copy the Encrypted URL.
  6. Open the Web Browser on your Device.
  7. Paste the Safelink URL into the address bar.
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